Stay in and Chill out

enjoy the weather and maybe even watch the sunset while doing so.

I don’t know about you but summer is hectic as a teenager. It’s supposed to be a break, but I still find that I have so much to do with so little time. Sometimes I am more stressed than I am during the school year. Today I have some good ways to be productive and relax a bit. Besides, isn’t summer supposed to be relaxing?

Today I realized that I only have three weekends left in which I will be at home and able to get my work done. Yes, you heard me, I have summer homework. I will be a sophomore next year and so this means I get to read a 500 page book and write an essay the first day of class over this book. Helpful hint: if you don’t have assigned books over the summer use this time to read the books YOU find intriguing. Because when it gets to the school year, have fun reading not so fun books.

To start your relaxing day I made a face mask to help me feel clean and calm. The recipe doesn’t have exact measurements so just add the ingredients until its not runny.

1 egg white. Do NOT use the yolk, cocoa powder, coffee grounds, honey for dry skin or lemon juice for oily skin.

Apply the mixture to your face and let sit for 20-30 minutes. (This waiting time is a good chance to start on that big book you have to finish). When removing soak a wash cloth in warm water and GENTLY remove from your face. Do not scrub too hard because the mask is an exfoliate and therefore it could irritate your skin if you rub to aggressively.


How to pack for camp.

So, it’s summer. I know for me, summer means being outside and enjoying the weather. One way that I will be doing that this summer is that I am going to a leadership training conference for my youth group which happens to be held at a summer camp. So basically I have to pack 12 days worth of clothes and other needs in one bag. Trust me, it sounds crazy to me as well. I’m sure that lots of you have to pack for summer camp as well so, I am here to hopefully make that process simpler for you.

1. Check your camps packing list. Okay so this one may seem like a no brainer but trust me it will help you find things that are specific to your camp. It can also have helpful things such as items you are not able to bring to camp such as a cell phone.

2.Don’t over pack. This is really important because you don’t want to get to camp and realize that your bag was way to heavy and you most likely created much more laundry for yourself than necessary.

3. Check the weather. Camps are found all over the country and may be in a climate that you are not used to. Be sure to be aware of these differences and pack accordingly. For example I will be in Wisconsin so, I need to bring clothes suited for cold nights and shoes that can be worn in the rain.

4. This is camp not a fashion show. What I really mean is that you are going to be outdoors. Remember that when you are packing. Be sure not to fill up your bag with fancy shoes and purses and remember the important things like bug spray and sunscreen or else you will be miserable.

5. Storage and laundry. Please be aware of the amount of space you have in your cabin/room. You probably only get one shelf so that means you are going to be living out of a suitcase. Bring a trash bag for dirty clothes to hang on your bunk, even if laundry isn’t available at camp. This will keep your space and your clothes clean and fresh.

Most importantly have a fun time! Don’t get too caught up in what you bring just savor the experiences and enjoy the time you have. Happy camping!